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Beauty equipmnet  ANTI-CELLULITE IRON ®



We iron cellulite.

Revolutionary slimming and anti-cellulite treatments, which in a natural and non-invasive way  improves body texture and shapes the figure.

The advanced treatments use 3 methods simultaneously that:

  • Reduce cellulite
  • Improve body contours
  • Firm body and breast
  • Detoxify and activate lymphatic system
  • Relax muscle tension

Anti-cellulite Iron ® is a revolutionary device for  body contouring and cellulite reduction.
The effect of "ironing" is felt and usually seen after the first treatment, which is based on massage of selected parts of the body with a specialized head.

Anti-cellulite Iron ® uses a unique combination of 3 energies. The VacuElectroColour head allows you to perform at any one time:

  • lipodermology- vacuum massage
  • TENS stimulation
  • chromotherapy LED 

Three methods applied simultaneously act on the muscles, skin and lymphatic system by increasing the effectiveness of treatments, allowing within a short time to obtain excellent results of "ironing". During the treatment overalls are not used.

VacuElectroColour – the synergy of  3 energies:

1. Lipodermology  

Lipodermology  uses negative pressure. The massage  gives very good results in a short time, which brings great satisfaction to the customer.
After a series of treatments a smoothing effect and good skin firmness is visible.

Anti-cellulite Iron ®  Lipodermology:

  • breaks and massages hard deposits of cellulite
  •  firms the skin
  • shapes the figure
  • stimulates the lymphatic system and  circulation
  • stimulates the excretion of excess fluid and influences detoxification as it speeds up the flow of lymphatic fluids between lymph nodes

2.  TENS

Electrical stimulation stimulates the muscles to work following their fast recovery.

The treatment:

  • shapes, strengthens and regenerates the muscles
  • reduces the feeling of tension
  • improves flexibility, circulation and oxygenation of the skin

TENS method used in the iron helps strengthen the muscles of the legs, calves, chest, arms, abdomen and buttocks. VacuElectorColour massage by strengthening specific muscle groups reduces cellulite and shapes the figure.

3. Chromotherapy LED

LED light  affects the stimulation of photoreceptors activating a variety of reactions, such as, for example, synthesis of DNA, RNA, and collagen. The colours therapy positively affect cell metabolism, work and support the treatment and regeneration of damaged cells. The apparatus allows for the selection of colour, depending on the treatment performed.

The avdanced metod guarantees:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Firming
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Muscle tension reduction
  • Optional PUSH Up treatments for the buttocs and breasts

Anti-cellulite Iron® allows for performing a number of professional treatments, such as:

  •  cellulite reduction-breaking hard deposits of cellulite, smoothing the skin. Also effective on cold   cellulite tissue
  •  slimming and body contouring - TENS stimulation accelerates the burning of adipose tissue, strengthens muscles and improves their contour
  •  toning of the arms and abdomen
  •  PUSH UP buttocks treatments
  •  non-invasive breast enlargement - PUSH UP, improve elasticity. The treatment strengthens the muscles that support the breast giving it a "lift" effect - uplifting. This is followed by a stimulation of blood flow and transport of nutrients, which gives the breast a more substantial shape.
  •  operation as drainage, stimulation of lymph flow, detoxification, reduction of swelling
  •  improves elasticity and smoothes skin
  •  stimulation of collagen synthesis, blood circulation and oxygenation of cells
  •  massage around the nape of the neck - reducing excess body fat and tension
  •  relaxing, pain soothing therapeutic, e.g.:  vacupressure
  •  treatments to improve digestion, massage of the back and other parts of the body


Optional equipment:

  •  Push Up for breast and buttocs
  • Lipoderm massagers ( 2 heads)
  • Calabash
  • Gua sha
  • Antiwrinkle comb
  • Elegant trolley on wheels 

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